Warm Hands Chiropractic Wimbledon

 is OPEN As Normal / COVID-19 Update/


Nevertheless, PLEASE DO NOT COME If you or any of your household have any COVID-19 symptoms. 

Here are some changes at Wimbledon Warm Hands Chiropractic to minimise the risk:

  • All the equipment and contact surfaces will be disinfected between patients

  • Your Wimbledon chiropractor will be wearing full PPE

  • Please Arrive at your appointed time (Not Early or Late)

  • Please use hand sanitizers provided in the clinic on your arrival and after your chiropractic treatment

  • Please Maintain social distance where possible

  • Your temperature may be taken on your arrival

  • Please do not bring friends or family (unless a chaperone or parent is required)

  • Please bring a mask/face covering 

  • Please understand no cash will be taken please pay by card

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Your Wimbledon Chiropractor

Kyoung won Kang

Kyoung won Kang graduated from the widely recognised Anglo-European College of Chiropractic gaining a Master of Chiropractic degree following a five year full-time course.


Kyoung believes that every individual is unique and therefore the treatment plan should be tailored to each person using a multi-disciplinary approach. Furthermore, his chiropractic philosophy is to educate his patients in self-care with the goal of preventing problems from returning.


By discovering the root cause of discomfort, treating it appropriately, and providing expert self-care advice this goal is accomplished for every patient.

Our Commitment to You

Your Chiropractor at Wimbledon Warm Hands Chiropractic provides chiropractic services which aims to identify and treat painful muscular and skeletal issues, improve your mobility and enhance the quality of  your life.


We believe that chiropractic treatment should be very much a partnership between the chiropractor and  his patients. This results  in prompt and effective resolution of symptoms and minimising the chance of recurrence.


As treatment progresses, your chiropractor continue to respond to changes providing reassurance, exercise, rehabilitative therapies and postural, ergonomic and life style advice.


We work with other healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic approach to caring for our patients.